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Our Projects

WildSeek: Community Wildlife Intelligence Hub

This exciting program enables us to participate in the implementation of a new technology to help conserve and protect wildlife on the east coast of Australia. While the project’s initial focus is on finding koalas, it has the potential to expand the program to include multiple species including kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats. Utilising drones and artificial intelligence technology, our team and volunteers are able to collect the data our partners can then use to detect wildlife in ways that have, until now, been incredibly hard to find! 

Conservation on Private Land - MidCoast2Tops

Conservation on Private Land

This project is all about supporting local landholders in conserving biodiversity and restoring habitat on their property. It includes a range of voluntary conservation agreement options, personalised technical advice, resources, access to grant funding and networking and education opportunities in the MidCoast region.

Eco Burn Education Project

Eco Burn Education is a new program coming to the Mid Coast Region!

Bushfires have been shaping the landscape for millions of years and are a common component of the Mid Coast region. Our natural and built environment has been threatened and impacted by bushfire in the past, and this will continue to happen especially while climate change puts even more pressure on the environment.  

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Koala in Tree - Midcoast2tops

Paddock Tree Regeneration Project

The importance of paddock trees to both the agricultural and natural environment cannot be underestimated. They are keystone features in the landscape and their ecological importance is disproportionately large compared to their numbers and area of cover. Studies have shown that even a small increase in the number of trees in an agricultural landscape markedly increases the number of species present. 


Native Plants for Landholders

In partnership with MidCoast Council, Mid Coast 2 Tops Landcare do periodic native plant giveaways for local landholders to improve both the ecology and productivity of their properties.

The native trees, shrubs and groundcovers are provided to landholders free of charge, with recipients asked to plant, protect and maintain these trees and shrubs for the benefits of their local environment.


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