LFW Land Holders

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme

for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Land for Wildlife is free to join and not legally binding.

Registration in the scheme is confidential and will not change the legal status of the property.

LFW supports landholders who want information about wildlife management on their property and provides opportunities for landholders to share their experiences with other landholders and partner organisations, through:

  • A free property assessment and information about wildlife management
  • Information about the role of wildlife and native vegetation in sustainable agriculture to control pest species, provide shade and shelter, manage salinity and control wind and water erosion
  • Monthly Landcare newsletters and Annual LFW newsletters
  • Educational opportunities and networking with like-minded people
  • a LFW sign and membership certificate once the property is registered with the scheme.


Benefits to Landholders:

  • Membership to a nationwide program
  • Free individual consultation on land management issues
  • Site report including advice on managing environmental issues such as; erosion, wildlife habitat and weed control techniques
  • Access to education programs and activities such as workshops
  • Information on how to collect and grow native plants
  • Free local tubestock from MCC native nursery*
  • Assistance in applying for grant funding.

*Tubestock may be limited, and will only be provided if necessary to facilitate restoration of biodiversity values.  Garden ornamentals will not be provided.

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