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More local support with regional guidance for Landcare in the Mid Coast

Landcare in the Mid Coast has gained enhanced funding under the NSW Landcare Enabling Program. In the first phase of its $59 million state-wide program, the NSW Government has committed funds for the employment of more local and regional coordinators and administration support officers by Landcare across NSW, until 30 June 2027. This comprehensive support program will be managed jointly by Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.  

Dyers Crossing Landcare Meeting, 5th Feb, Firefly

On the 5th February, Dyers Crossing LandCare Group (DCLG) had our first gathering in five years! New and Old members connected over shared landholder issues.  DCLG founder, Les Roberts also came along and offered much wisdom.

Restoring the Glory of Mud Bishop’s Reserve

The reserve at the end of Mud Bishop’s Point Road, past the caravan park in Old Bar, is steeped with history and holds a special place in the heart of the Old Bar community. It is named after recluse, retired policeman and swimming legend Wallace James ‘Mud’ Bishop who lived in a hut there, at the south channel of the Manning River near Farquhar Inlet from 1923 until his death in 1944.

Fauna in Feature: Tawny Frogmouth – Podargus strigoides

These scruffy looking night birds are commonly overlooked due to their expert ability to blend in with their surroundings.  The masters of camouflage, Tawny Frogmouths have mottled plumage in grey, rufous, white and black feather patterns which is easily mistaken for a dead tree branch due to their ability to flatten their bodies, sit perfectly still and keep their eyes closed during the day.

Weedy Warnings: Juncus acutus – Spiked or Sharp Rush

Juncus acutus- Spiked or Sharp Rush is a serious weed of coastal wetlands that degrades pastures and threatens native biodiversity.  It is native to Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region and Western Asia.

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Who we are

Welcome to Mid Coast 2 Tops (MC2T) Landcare Connection, showcasing Landcare on the mid coast of NSW. Founded in 2019, we represent the three long-standing Landcare networks of our region, working together to preserve the natural environment of the Mid Coast region, on Biripi and Worimi lands.

Our primary role is in the facilitation of resources, advice and support to our Landcarers, both groups and individuals, to provide on-ground practical solutions to natural resource management. To achieve this, we regularly host workshops, field days and produce resources, as well as supporting projects through funding applications, media support and recognition.

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