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Fauna in Feature: The Long Nosed Bandicoot

Found yourself tripping in little conical holes in your backyard lately? You may be sharing land with the little omnivorous marsupial, the Long-Nosed Bandicoot (Perameles nasuta).

Weedy Warnings- Mother of Millions

While out and about I’m seeing a lot of Mother of Millions. In this dry, winter phase when our grasses have browned off, the red flowers of this succulent weed stand out. Stock owners should be very aware of the toxicity of this plant as every part is poisonous. Feed is short and animals may be tempted to taste test plants they would normally avoid. Plants can spread from a single leaf hence the name, Mother of Millions. I’ve seen infestations at Burrell Creek, Chatham and opposite the Service Station on Gloucester Road in Wingham. 

Mid Coast Council Koala Safe Spaces call out

Koalas face many threats and risks to their safety and wellbeing. Even in seemingly stable landscapes, they can be exposed to difficulties and pressures, which increase their stress. Stressed koalas are more prone to disease, reduced breeding success and risks of car strike or dog attack.

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Who we are

Welcome to Mid Coast 2 Tops (MC2T) Landcare Connection, showcasing Landcare on the mid coast of NSW. Founded in 2019, we represent the three long-standing Landcare networks of our region, working together to preserve the natural environment of the Mid Coast region, on Biripi and Worimi lands.

Our primary role is in the facilitation of resources, advice and support to our Landcarers, both groups and individuals, to provide on-ground practical solutions to natural resource management. To achieve this, we regularly host workshops, field days and produce resources, as well as supporting projects through funding applications, media support and recognition.

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