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Private Land Conservation Matters

The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust is partnering with Landcare NSW to raise awareness on the importance of conservation on private land, and has refunded the Private Land Conservation program in the MidCoast Region for a second stage of this successful program.

The aim of the Private Land Conservation Matters Project (PLC Matters) is to encourage more landholders to implement best practice conservation management on their land. It is a statewide education program that will be delivered locally by MidCoast 2 Tops Landcare, cofunded by MidCoast Council.

Weedy Warnings: Camphor Laurel

Growing up in the Northern Rivers, Camphor Laurel, Cinnamomum camphora trees felt like a familiar friend. They were the boundary between my school and the school next door where all the fruit fights occurred, they were the big shady trees that created a tunnel of green on the long winding roads home. Little did I know, I would spend a good part of my adult life systematically removing them. They were deceptive friends, foes in fact. 

Fauna in Feature- The Australian Brush Turkey

Brush Turkeys are an ancient species of bird endemic to eastern Australia. Their range stretches from Far North Queensland to the South Coast of NSW and they’ve adapted well to life in cities such as Sydney and Brisbane.

“Why doesn’t Council control Lantana?”…and other reflections on backyard weed inspections

A common theme in residents’ questions of weed officers, whether from concerned curiosity or as part of arguing against inspections, is along the lines of “Why could you be bothered with checking my insignificant backyard when Council doesn’t control the obvious Lantana infestation in the reserves?” This kind of question goes to the heart of confused public perceptions about weed management, so I’d like to share the gist of the kind of answers I try to give if the asker has time to hear it.

Private Land Conservation – why does it matter?

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It includes all the different plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms, as well as the ecosystems they form.

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Who we are

Welcome to Mid Coast 2 Tops (MC2T) Landcare Connection, showcasing Landcare on the mid coast of NSW. Founded in 2019, we represent the three long-standing Landcare networks of our region, working together to preserve the natural environment of the Mid Coast region, on Biripi and Worimi lands.

Our primary role is in the facilitation of resources, advice and support to our Landcarers, both groups and individuals, to provide on-ground practical solutions to natural resource management. To achieve this, we regularly host workshops, field days and produce resources, as well as supporting projects through funding applications, media support and recognition.

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