About Mid Coast 2 Tops Landcare Connection

Welcome to Mid Coast 2 Tops (MC2T) Landcare Connection, showcasing Landcare on the mid coast of NSW.

Founded in 2019, we represent the three long-standing Landcare networks of our region, working together to preserve the natural environment of the Mid Coast region, on Biripi and Worimi lands. 

Our primary role is in the facilitation of resources, advice and support to our Landcarers, both groups and individuals, to provide on-ground practical solutions to natural resource management. To achieve this, we regularly host workshops, field days and produce resources, as well as supporting projects through funding applications, media support and recognition. 

As a Connection, together with our networks, we work closely with MidCoast Council, Hunter Local Land Services, Landcare NSW and Landcare Australia Limited to represent our grassroots Landcare community on a Regional, State and Federal level. We recognise and pay respects to the Traditional owners of the lands we work, the Worimi and Biripi people, and strive to engage with these communities and the generations of land management knowledge they hold. 

Karuah Great Lakes Landcare Logo
Karuah Great Lakes Landcare Logo
Manning Landcare Inc
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Our Region

Covering the Local Government Area of Mid Coast Council, our area encompasses the coastal area from Crowdy Bay and Johns River in the North, throughout the Myall Lakes region and as far south as Tea Gardens.

Inland, our member networks support groups and landholders throughout the highlands including Stroud, Gloucester and Barrington Tops. 

MidCoast2Tops Landcare Connection incorporates three-member networks; Manning Landcare, Manning Coastcare Group and Karuah Great Lakes Landcare.

Manning Landcare is an incorporated community-based organisation that has operated in the Manning Valley for over 20 years, acting as an umbrella organisation for other member groups across the manning and Stewarts River catchments. 

Since 1996, Manning Coastcare has held a strong focus on the conservation of the biodiversity and habitat value of coastal habitat on Crown Reserve Land between Crowdy Head and Hallidays Point. 

Karuah & Great Lakes Landcare Inc. (KGLL), set up in 1998, is an umbrella group operating in the catchments of the Great Lakes and Karuah on the lower north coast to support community action to care for our natural resources. 

Our Projects

Conservation on Private Land - MidCoast2Tops

Conservation on Private Land

The Mid Coast Area is blessed with vast expanses of green space: National Parks and State Forests seemingly abound. One may be forgiven for thinking that we have abundant natural resources for conservation of our wildlife and natural resources into the future. However, the majority of land in our LGA is under private ownership, and about one third of all land in our area is used for primary production (agriculture, timber, coal mines)…

Obligate seeder regenerating after bushfire. Photo credit Isabelle Strachan MidCoast2TopsLandcare

Eco Burn Education Project

Eco Burn Education is a new program coming to the Mid Coast Region!

Bushfires have been shaping the landscape for millions of years and are a common component of the Mid Coast region. Our natural and built environment has been threatened and impacted by bushfire in the past, and this will continue to happen especially while climate change puts even more pressure on the environment…

Our Team

Lyn Booth

Lyn Booth

Local Landcare Coordinator – Manning

Lyn lives on a small holding that is home to humans, many chickens, a flock of yummy sheep, a couple of dogs and her beloved horses.
Lyn grew up in a horticultural family who established wholesale/retail nurseries in Sydney and later near Taree.
Lyn has worked my many varied jobs quarantine officer, forestry NSW, veterinary nursing and for the past 20 years as a Landcare Co-ordinator for Manning Landcare Inc.
Aside from plants and wild spaces, Lyn is passionate about local food systems and all things agriculture.
On days off you’ll find her on a horse in one of our beautiful, local forests.



joel dunn

Joël Dunn

Local Landcare Coordinator – Great Lakes

Joël started working with the wonderful Landcarers of the Karuah and Great Lakes after taking on a Catchment Officer job for the former Great Lakes Council beginning in 2008. He has been working part time for KGL Landcare since 2015, and enjoys working in community support, with a passion for both regenerative food production and for the bush. His other part time job is as a local bush regenerator. He loves getting dirty in the garden, and disappearing into the wilderness with friends.

0401 932 533


Helen headshot

Helen Kemp

Local Landcare Coordinator – Coast

Helen Kemp has been working in the environmental management field since graduating from Newcastle Uni with an Environmental Science degree back in 2001. Having grown up on a farm and attended Agricultural College before University, she has a great love of the natural world and an affinity for the people who work in it. Having worked as a Bushcare Coordinator and Community Support Officer down in Sydney, and for about 5 years as an Environmental Officer for Great Lakes (now MidCoast) Council, she finds it has all come together and she is in her ideal role as the Manning Coastcare Coordinator.

0410 606 463


Lyn Booth

Jonathon Quaken

Local Landcare Coordinator – Manning

After leaving Sydney in his early 20’s Jonathon has been involved in natural resource and environmental management for over a decade. During this time he has travelled extensively, working on a variety of agricultural properties and environmental projects across NSW. Jonathon is passionate about the responsible management of natural resources, sustainable agricultural practices, the conservation of wilderness areas and is proud to have worked on many endangered species conservation projects throughout his career.

When not at work Jonathon enjoys spending time with friends, rock climbing, going on bushwalks or pottering in the garden.

0448 738 033


joel dunn

Justine Thompson

Mid Coast Landcare Support Officer

I have called Bulahdelah home for the past 18 years after moving here to raise our family on a small property. We came inspired to grow our own food, plant trees, watch the wildlife and be a part of a community. And I am so grateful that we did especially when I see the positive impact on my children and myself. I have a background in theatre & tourism administration and have spent many years working for an eco tourism based adventure company working alongside government agencies.

I am excited to be joining MC2Tops Landcare in the new role of Support Officer. I hope that as the name suggests, I fulfil the task and offer strong support for the dedicated Landcare groups in this broader community. I look forward to meeting many Landcare volunteers at upcoming events.

0432 402 224


Helen headshot

Henrietta Mooney

Regional Landcare Coordinator – Hunter & Mid Coast Landcare

As Regional Landcare Coordinator for the Hunter & Mid Coast, I hope to support Landcare Networks, staff, and the wider community through collaborative regional planning, and setting up partnerships to support Landcare activities. I have always found Landcare to be a wonderful way of bringing people together to care for our natural environments, but it also builds on the strength and resilience of our communities. My wish is for Landcare to grow and continue to provide a voice for healthy landscapes and healthy people. I have worked as an Ecologist since 1995 with non-profit and government organisations, almost always involved in Landcare in urban and rural areas. I am also a Natural History Illustrator, which has allowed me to document Australia’s unique flora and fauna in a different way, through watercolour painting and sculpture.

0418 399 281


Isabelle Strachan_edit

Isabelle Strachan

Private Land Conservation Officer

Isabelle has a long history of working on restoration of natural areas in the Mid Coast region and beyond.  She majored in Botany at Uni, and went on to work in natural areas such as WIlson’s Promontory, Barrington Tops, and Lord Howe Island as well as a long stint managing our local Natural Areas for Mid Coast Council.  Her role with Mid Coast 2 Tops Landcare Connection is to support local landholders with voluntary conservation agreements through provision of technical advice, educational materials and events.

0413 113 315


Olivia Eglin Headshot

Olivia Eglin

Fire Ecology Education Officer

Olivia has spent most of her young career working with the community in environmental themed engagement and education. She is coming to be an experienced Fire Ecology Education Officer at Mid Coast 2 Tops Landcare. Driven by passion, she takes pride in providing the best engaging programs to the community. In addition to her primary job functions, Olivia is committed to natural resource management, aiming to upskill and educate agencies and the community to provide mutual understanding.

0437 883 995